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Personal information protection policy

Oka Corp. (hereafter "the company") recognizes that it is its corporate responsibility to protect and handle appropriately all names, addresses, e-mail addresses and other information that can be used to identify individual customers (hereafter "personal information"), and will take the following actions.

1. Legal compliance In handling personal information, the company will comply to laws governing the protection of personal information and other standards.

2. Gathering of personal information When gathering customers' personal information, the company will announce the purpose of gathering the information, provide a contact point for customers and only gather information within the scope necessary.

3. Usage of personal information Whenever it acquires personal information directly from the customer in writing or online, the company will specify its purpose. (1) To deliver materials, catalogs or products at the customer's request. (2) To deliver gifts, including as part of a marketing campaign. (3) To offer information (such as newsletters), including through direct mail, e-mail and postal mail. (4) To contact the customer for after-service, maintenance or other reasons. (5) To reply to opinions or requests received regarding the company or the company's products. (6) To otherwise ensure a customer's transaction proceeds smoothly and acceptably.

4. Reasonable control of personal information As far as possible, the company will maintain the latest version of customers' personal information, and will take measures to prevent inappropriate access, loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal information.

5. Limits on third-party disclosure Except when specifically required by law, the company will not disclose or offer the customer's personal information to a third party without the customer's consent.

6. Consignment supervision If the company contracts a third party to handle personal information, it will act appropriately to ensure that the information remains secure after consignment, including through the conclusion of non-disclosure agreements.

7. Personal information disclosure requests When a request for the disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal information is received, except when specifically required by law the company's customer service representatives will respond and make the appropriate adjustment without delay.

8. Inquiries regarding treatment of personal information Contact: Oka Corp. Personal Information Inquiry Center (management section) Address: 8 Minamiakasaka, Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture, 642-0017 Japan Phone: 073-488-0336 (agent) E-mail address:

Requests to visit the company in person may not always be approved. Thank you for your understanding. At this time, the company has no authorized personal information protection organization.

9. Continuing improvements The company will endeavor to improve continuously on its treatment and management systems to protect personal information based on developments in information technology and the changing demands of society.

END Feburary 1, 2012 Oka Corp.